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The atmosphere is electric! To most people, adding an electric fireplace means heading to your local ‘Home Improvement Warehouse' and buying a plain black fire box with a veneered surround 
     that looks like a cheap add-on to the room. With the electric fireplaces we carry, they've designed an electric fireplace that not only fits within your home's architectural style, but dazzles the eye and seduces the senses with its gorgeous, dancing flames and glowing embers.
Operating from any 110 volt wall outlet, these electric fireplaces are conveniently plug-and-play. Ideal for apartment renters, condo owners, basements,offices, bedrooms, and today's busy lifestyle. No chimney, vent or gas access is needed for these units to burn brightly. And, when you move - take your fireplace with you! 

You Control the Fire
One of the most remarkable features is the realistic appearance of flames and glowing embers.  With
your remote control you can change the speed of the flames between a slow, lazy fire to a fast roaring fire.  You also have the ability to control the interior light brick pattern from off, with a dark firebox and flame, to a three dimensional brick lined firebox with dancing flames.

Added Heat
Need a little heat to warm up your home on that cold winter morning?  
Your electric fireplace provides you with gentle, even heat.  They come standard with a 1500 watt heater and air circulating fan that can provide a great supplemental heat source to a room (300 to 400 sq. ft.).

Safe To Use
We sell units that feature cool to touch glass and is completely safe for children.  They provide a "healthy choice" by not contributing to indoor moisture or mold problems like vent-free gas products.

Instant Fireplace!
Place an optional fireplace cabinet and you can have a fireplace installed in your home in a matter of minutes.  Ideal for those locations in your home that you'd like a fireplace but cannot be vented easily, such as basements or interior walls.  You can move your fireplace to any room, or take it with your when you move.  This makes the fireplace perfect for apartments and condos.

Operate With-or-Without Heat
You have the option to use just the flame without the heat.  This allows you true year round enjoyment of your fireplace!

Economical to Operate
The on average costs just $.03 per hour to operate with flame only and $.16 per hour with both flame and heat on when in continuous use.

Purifire Air Filtration System
Indoor air quality is one of the most important issues facing homeowner's.  Travis Industries addresses this critical issue with the Purifire Air Filtration System.  Standard on all fireplaces, the Purifire Air Filtration System is designed to circulate as well as clean the air in an average rooms 4 times an hour.  The easy-to-remove and washable filter is designed to remove impurities as small as 1 micron- which includes most mold spores, dust, pollen, and pet dander.