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Why cook with a Traeger  ?
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Safety: Much safer than both gas and charcoal grills. No gas leaks or smoldering briquettes to worry about. Our exclusive, patented E-Z Grease Drain system transports any grease drippings out of the cooking chamber and into a galvanized bucket - no flare ups while cooking. Fire safety officials love our grills!

Auto-Start System: Automatically lights the pellets when you turn on the power switch, so you're cooking in minutes.

Versatility: Your pellet grill is four appliances in one! It smokes, barbecues, grills, and bakes! Just flip a switch and you can cook anything. 

Smoker: Cook gourmet foods in your own backyard! Hardwood smoke penetrates the food, adding tremendous flavor to fish, beef, pork, chicken, jerky, etc.

Healthier cooking: Using a pellet grill adds zero fat, cholesterol, or calories to your food. Indirect cooking systems such as ours are recommended by the National Cancer Institute because they produce less benzopyrene. 

Taste: This natural food fire just makes food taste better - you just have to try it! Once you do, you won't ever want to go back to gas or charcoal. 
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