Whether you are looking to heat your whole house, heat only part of it, or just want something for the ambiance, we are your all-heating specialty place. We carry a varying number of home heating lines with different types of units.  

Heating or Decorative?
Do you need lots of heat for your home or do you just want to enjoy a beautiful, decorative fire? Fireplace Xtrordinair has a range of products to meet your needs. Look for low, medium or high heat descriptions on our products. We also give you the heating capacity so you can compare the square footage an appliance will heat with the size of your home.

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New Construction or Remodeling?
Are you building a new home? Then you are only limited by fuel type available and your imagination! Determine how much space you need to heat and how cool your climate is to find the perfect fireplace for you.

Remodeling an existing room? You can build a new hearth, or remodel your existing masonry fireplace to be more efficient by adding an insert.

Can't Decide On Which Type Of Fuel Would Be Best For You?

Gas Fuel Advantages-
  • Most convenient fuel to use
  • Most units are independent of electricity- heats even during power outages
  • Cleanest burning of all fuels

Wood Fuel Advantages-
  • Natural, renewable source
  • Independent of electricity- heats even during power outages
  • Enjoyable sights, sounds and aroma of a real wood fire

Pellet/ Biomass Fuel Advantages-
  • Natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly
  • Safe, recycled wood waste (biomass)
  • Pellets/ Biomass products are easy to use
  • Pellets/ Biomass products are convenient to store
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