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We're here to help make this dream your reality! We carry only the best supplies and chemicals for your swimming pools. Whether it be a pump, filter, or even a whole system, we have what you need in stock or have the ability to order it quickly.

The filter system (pump and filter) is the heart of the pool, and without a properly sized system your water can turn ugly overnight. The system should be running a minimum of 8-10 hours per day, which is approximately how long it takes to circulate all the water through once! 

Daily maintenance of a swimming pool is crucial. Stable chlorine readings, as well as PH and Alkalinity, are vital. A series of tests are needed to know how much of what chemicals your pool needs. 
Bring us a bottle of your pool's water and we will test it for FREE

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Swimming pools are an awesome way to relax and enjoy the summer sun. There's nothing like jumping into that cool, clear water when the heat gets unbearable! 
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